thks to all alliance player

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thks to all alliance player Empty thks to all alliance player

Post  Vintage on 2013-12-15, 16:19

for this match:
balanced heroes, complete horde with antimagic also buyed silence and they lost it, thats the salt in the soup what i love soo much bounce
sorry but i must post it for all the bobs in the world who means without u cant win anything and with u were king 
greetings from
the never used antimagic noob


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thks to all alliance player Empty Re: thks to all alliance player

Post  PanStyle on 2013-12-15, 17:40

Don't even know who you are but this post seems funny.
Don't know if i'll check the replay, maybe if i have time to spare but...

You can't judge players or heroes because of one single game. If you play vs mass stuns and that you have only int heroes, AM is pretty common. Well even on a lot of games, AM is a commun item. Staff are not even if they are allowed. Also depending on the combo i think it makes the game Imba.

Talking about items, i still think that some items needs a nerf. Stuff like gem shotdown BM harass too easily for no cosy (nullify ranger's ulti).

I might give a quick look to the replay some times, cause' i'm curious.

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