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The game before H&A Empty The game before H&A

Post  DanielPlainview on 2016-05-02, 20:37

I want to share with you some exciting info about the very old version of H&A. Thanks to Ace.Ventura for the map file.

As you probably know, original H&A was developed by guy with nickname KubriK. I found mirror of his website on
This a Hero/AOS map with army upgrades and the possibility to build defensive structures. Heroes can reach level 40 and have standard spells each upgradeable to level 10, ultimates to level 6.

There's an orc and a human side. You have to destroy the enemy castle to win the game.

This map was a long time and uncountable versions ago "Orcs vs Humans". I changed the name of the map, because a lot of people confused it with "Humans vs Orcs" - after answering hundred times "can i load heroes?". Now it has balance, far more features and a lot quality triggers.

Why another AOS without really new features?

I balanced this map with a special aim. In most other AOSes you know after 5 or 10 minutes which side will win, even if it takes another 30 min to end. Heroes & Armies is different. There are a lot of measures for more close and exciting matches:

Heroes have 40 and spells 10 levels. Each level improves the spell, but not as much as usually. When one team is in average 3 levels ahead with their heros, it doesn't make so much differnce, that the other team has only poor chances left. And you know (e.g. footy) that those heroes will continue to level faster than the others, because they can kill far more units and heroes. This effect is damped.
On some maps units and defensive structures get totally unimportant after a certain time and become only a gold source (e.g. AOS GT). It's too easy to siege if a game lasts long. H&A provides upgrades for the spawn, additional towers and you can't overupgrade your heroes with tomes and items easily.
Unlike nearly all other AOSes the units don't target the other side's castle. It won't be overrun automatically when a barrack dies. So here are really chances to turn around the game. Another feature is the "strike back". When the castle is seriously attacked the first time, a one-time defense force will initiate another chance for the team in distress.
Made it noobie (to the map) friendly. You will always have noobies in most of your games, so they must have the chance to get a fast overview to play effective and give them no reason to leave. This is important, if you don't want to wait 20 games until you have a exciting one, because of leavers and total bad Allies. e.g. ToB has a very confusing landscape and paths on the first try, or like DotA everything's custom - you need minutes to read all the stuff, items etc. On this map everythings near to default and you'll get fast oriented. There's also a short ingame Tutorial/Introduction.
Note that the map was called "Orcs vs Humans", and later it was renamed to known for us "Heroes & Armies".

Fortunately, Ace had the map "Orcs vs Humans" from Jun 22, 2005. I didn't even play WC3 on the that time. This map had no special commands, sounds, there was no -fight command. Interesting fact: there were 2 kinds of barracks for regular units and knights/taurens.

Interesting stuff:

Heroes from the Alliance: Paladin, Archmage, Mountain King, Blood Mage.
Heroes from the Horde: Blademaster, Far Seer, Tauren Chieftain, Shadow Hunter.


  • Boots of speed (350 gold)
  • Gem of true seeing (1000 gold)
  • Potion of greater healing [500 hp] (400 gold)
  • Potion of greater mana [300 mana] (400 gold)
  • Ring of regeneration [2 hp per second] (200 gold)
  • Sobi Mask [50% mana regeneration faster] (400 gold)
  • Scroll of Town Portal [Teleports the Hero and any of its friendly units] (350 gold)
  • Staff of Teleportation (100 gold)
  • Anti-Magic potion (350 gold)
  • Scroll of healing [150 hp to all friendly units] (250 gold)


  • Orb of frost [+6 attack, slowness] (800 gold)
  • Orb of slow [+6 attack, chance to slow] (550 gold)
  • Orb of darkness [+6 attack, summon a Dark Minion if kills] (500 gold)
  • Orb of lighting [+5 attack, chance to dispel and slow] (400 gold)
  • Orb of fire [+5 attack, splash dmg?] (400 gold)
  • Orb of Venom [+5 attack, poison] (400 gold)

The game before H&A Wc3scr13
The game before H&A Wc3scr14
The game before H&A Wc3scr15
The game before H&A Wc3scr16
The game before H&A Wc3scr17
The game before H&A Wc3scr18
The game before H&A Wc3scr19

You can download map here:


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The game before H&A Empty Re: The game before H&A

Post  J.P.P.P.P.P on 2016-10-05, 08:29

The original version was fun for the time - but it was very unbalanced & luck based.

Originally the map was partially balanced by clan OvH. But Scooby (Ace) & Omni really did great work to balance the map further in order to turn it into HnA. The original edits were under the name of the Clan at the time: Clan oMg and included some extra features including the famous -ganja command, which was the only sound command in the original versions of HnA.

There was quite a bit of history to the map before clan Dope.

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