Changes 3.10b

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Changes 3.10b

Post  EddieBG on 17/6/2018, 12:29

  • GAME: 
  • Sounds: -hell, -give, -haha(replaced laugh with evil laugh sound)

  • Maximum Level Reduced from 100 to 50. Basic Ability Levels Reduced from 10 levels to 5 Levels. 

         Ultimate's Levels Reduced from 6 Levels to 5 Levels

  • Removed Modes(No healers all random, Single heal all random) since abilities gets more power there is just no point of these modes.

  • Players can choice to vote for Classic/Pick or All Pick(like the good old days)
  • Removed Final Castle Defense with massive units and starfall.

  • Gold/Lumber bounty from creeps increased and now gives a random number of bounty upon killing creeps.
  • Towers upgrades timer is now synchronized with units upgrades timer. 

  • Towers now have damage increased by 5 and attack speed by 3% this change should make towers to not not be underestimated
  • Towers/Units auto upgrade timer is now 7 minutes(before it was 8 minutes)

  • Removed Samurai/Medusa from the game to get additional free space. Both heroes wasn't good and nobody wanted to play with them

  • Human/Orc Recruit Center - now sell Granite Golem/Infernal. Once is purchased on both lanes appears 2 Golems/Infernals and now attack units and buildings. Start delay timer is set to 40 min, to prevent laming on early levels. After replenish time is set to 4 minutes. This will speed games to end within 1 hour or below 1 hour. Depends on the game circumstances. 

  • Default Abilities Power increase: Every default ability that have magic damage/heal now have 4% power increase from Agility, Intelligence, Strength.

  • Wind Walk - Since it doesn't deal magic damage, now deals default values + 4% increased damage from Agility, Intelligence, Strength(This ability deals physical and it cannot be separated from basic attack. That's why it have such bonus)

  • Bladestorm - Now have power by 4% of Agility, Intelligence, Strength. However this ability doesn't do any damage to magic immunity units and buildings. 

  • Player Summons - They no longer become useless on long game. Now they have auto upgrades(damage, armor, health) which is synchronized with creeps upgrades.

  • Orb of Lighting - Chance to purge on summons is no 40%(increased from 35%) and dealing 400 damage to summons

         (increased from 200)

  • Tome of Power - No longer gives an extra level. Now increases Agility, Intelligence, Strength by 10 when used. 

         Gold Cost 2800, Lumber Cost 1500

  • Druid - Now have Cyclone, Rejuvenation, Pyrolia(alternative version of Serpent Wards), Divine Protection

  • High Elf/Grimm Reaper - No longer are melee heroes and have replaced Models(Human Bandit/Orc Troll Warlord)

         Abilities: Ensnare, Mirror Image(2 Units Dealing Damage), Command Aura, Envenomed Weapon
         (Same like Ganja orb but better damage and effect), Default Ability Life Steal(Passive)15%

  • Bug Fix:
  • Locust - No longer causing suicidal damage upon return
  • Healing Spray - No longer heal buildings(now display healing done only while healing self and allied heroes)

  • Let's test it and see how it will go!
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Re: Changes 3.10b

Post  pacstyle on 23/6/2018, 15:46

so will we test it tonight? 20 00 or 21 00 ?

whos there?

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