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Path in the Middle Empty Path in the Middle

Post  Ace Ventura on 2019-06-08, 12:25

Hey guys,

Just in case we find a good open version (3.09a or one of the first 6v6 maps):

what do you think about a path in the middle?

Small entrances of the path, only accessable for 1 hero:
Path in the Middle V0xewGt
Path in the Middle 90RUX8y

and a bigger area in the middle:
Path in the Middle 0HNQogO
(click on pictures to enlarge)

you maybe dont necessary need the teleport item anymore
its easier to gank someone
its easier to help the other side
more action?

some heroes could become too strong (blademaster, tc) because it could be too easy for them to gank the other team from behind while they are pushing (something like a watch tower from sc2 would be nice, neutral building you can capture to observe the middle)
buff to most heroes who can stun (see above)
teams dont push as much as they do now because of fearing to be ganked
warden looses advantage of beeing the only hero blinking between lanes
Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura
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Path in the Middle Empty Re: Path in the Middle

Post  Steel.DX on 2019-08-11, 18:53

no idea, but interesting.
and see what ppl say

bm advantage could be too strong


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