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Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

Post  LeCLerc on 2009-09-16, 11:43

By participating on this forum you acknowledge that you:

-possess a working, functional brain, will make use of it, this includes:
Posting useless one word replies: LOL, WTF, ROFL, etc....
Cross posting the same question
Double posting - posting in the same topic twice in a row within 2 hours of the first post. (use the edit button)
Posting gibberish that no one can understand

-are capable of playing nice in the sandbox with the other kids, this includes:
You have to perform good manners and stay friendly while communicating
If you and other(s) are going to argue or have a side conversation, try to keep it in Private Messages
Treat people with the courtesy and respect you'd like to receive in return


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