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Post  J.P.P.P.P.P on 2012-05-10, 06:29

Hey, im bored so i thought i would write a guide for my favorite new hero the Naga Stealthviper.

This hero is simply awesome! In mid/end game he can be devastating to play against. This is the way that I play this hero (since he is new, im sure there are other good ways of playing it):

Items for the Stealthviper:
Early game:
Frost orb
3 x Belts of Giant Strength
Strength Tomes

Late game:
Frost orb
Revenants sword (once you are strong enough to quickly win -fight)
Any combination of 2: Negate staff, Silence staff, AM potions or shackles.
Agility tomes

The trick to playing the SV is not to be put off by his seemingly weak abilities at the start of the game. To play this hero well, you must be ready to focus other heroes and he does not get strong at creeping till late in the game.

Start out by taking acid level 1 to aid with early creeping/pushing and try to hit as many creeps as possible with it at a time, aim at the center of groups or at heroes that are standing close to the groups.

Next take the 2nd ability (assassin strike or something) to level 1. At first this ability is very weak, its range is poor and you must get really close to use it only to do minimal damage, often they simply run out of range, so i suggest just using this ability to last hit the big creeps to begin with, unless there is an obvious chance to kill an enemy hero.

Take acid to level 2 and then the assassin strike to level 2 and 3, it will still be weak at this point but the higher the level gets the more you can start using it to focus the enemy heroes, concentrate on agility heroes first and then on those with low hp.

Then take your ulti, now you can really start to focus, providing you have frost orb, since you can rush over to them with assassin strike and then use your ulti to stop them out running you. Always be careful however, just like using the wardens blink, you should never use the ability to rush into a large group of enemies, no matter how tempting it is to try and get a kill. When there is no opportunity to focus enemy heroes, you should use your ulti to creep. With 3 belts you should be dealing good damage, making it fairly easy to last hit creeps and you will also have the bonus hp and hp regeneration that this hero needs to survive against a focus combo.

Continue to level up assassin strike to its max level, and take ulti to level 3. Then put the rest of your points into acid bomb until it is level 7 or 8.

Using the combination acid bomb to deal damage but mainly to reduce their armour, followed by your now long range assassin strike which also deals huge damage and your ulti to give you the attack/movement speed to keep them from escaping and allowing you to kill them quickly, you should be able to get kills on heroes very easily, especially when combined with a stunner who can help you get in range to use your ability. You can also sneak the bottom and tops of lines and use the ability from the fog of war to really surprise your opponents.

To buy tomes for this hero, start buy buying only strength. This hero needs the extra strength asap since hes quite low hp for a strength hero. Not until you find yourself surviving conflicts easily should you start to buy agility, but at this point you should buy only agility until you have a good attack speed.

For very late game play i.e. level 30+ you should retrain and take cleave to a high level to allow for imba creeping, but it is not worth doing this until you have really high attack speed and damage stats.

To counter this hero: Focus him early if they don't buy belts or hp items and he will go down easily. If they increase their hp then try to take advantage of his limited creeping power by pushing the creeps heavily and forcing him back to the towers to reduce his xp, but beware of the counter attack using assassins strike. When at a high level, stay at a great distance and close to your creep mobs, so if he does strike you, he might get blocked or trapped by creeps allowing you to escape, or even better kill him. However, you must take great care to leave yourself multiple escape paths through your creeps. If the only escape path is behind you, he can block by blinking in behind you and trapping you. Take silence to prevent him using his ulti to out-run you, consider speed pots if you have very low hp.

Thats my basic run through of that hero, hopefully it helps some Smile

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Naga Stealthviper (JPPPPPPP) Empty Re: Naga Stealthviper (JPPPPPPP)

Post  Steel.DX on 2012-05-10, 23:54

this outdates my royal guard guide Sad

but nice gude! i also like this hero very much, i only played it once.
i still consider to replace 2 of your belts with 2 crowns, since the boost in mana lets you use your abilities more often. but i guess this is a small detail Smile

Id take a currorb until you are able to chase heroes, before that i think its better than frost. especially combined with acid bomb.


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