To everyone who is interested in joining Clan Dope

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To everyone who is interested in joining Clan Dope Empty To everyone who is interested in joining Clan Dope

Post  LeCLerc on 2009-09-11, 20:25

First, people who would like to join the clan must get to know the people of the clan as well as possible,
because they are your ticket to getting in, if that is what you would be seeking, of course.

If you wanna join Clan DOPE, you should go through the following list and check if you implement the following things:
- Do not perpetuate rude, discourteous, immature, or arrogant behavior.
-Be active on and in the HnA-forum.
-Have at least a semblance of decent grammar and respect for the English language.
-Have headset and TeamSpeak Installed (prove it)
-Be willing to learn and understand teamplay.
-No Multi-Claning.

Once you have shown interest in the clan, and you think you know the clan well enough to be accepted, bring your interest in joining up to a member of the clan. It can be any member, but it's typically smart to say it to whoever you know the best. Once you have expressed interest, the person you spoke with can then nominate you to join the clan.
Now the Member who first nominated you (Or an admin) will post a thread under the clan forums.
Only clan members will be able to view the vote at all.
There are three types of votes
* Yes
* Neutral
* No
In order to be admitted into the clan, more people must vote yes than neutral with zero no votes.

You have one chance to enter clan.


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